This day

This day is almost over and I couldn’t let it pass without fulfilling this need to get started.  I’m not sure how this works, but I am sure I’ll look back and wish I’d written something different, something way more interesting and insightful for my first blog.  I also know, if I don’t start now, it will have been just another day that I found another way to end without accomplishing my goal.

I began writing stories many, many years ago and never really looked at them as stories.  They’re simple, but they are true. This life of mine is good and I have to be careful sometimes to not be ungrateful for the circumstances, not all good, because they have all contributed to who I have become.  Nonetheless, I wish to begin to document my story, as I recall it.

I will need some help along the way, but have no doubt I will receive….  And, so it begins